Dear Parents/ Parents-To- Be

I feel the anxiety you felt when you are searching for “where is my baby/child” going to sleep. I have gone through the same with my little ones, and continue to do the same as they are growing.

When I had my first born, I had been thorough in my research- and I knew that the mattress was an important decision- 70% of my baby’s development in the first few months would happen on the mattress.

The mattress needed to be just right to give my baby the right environment for his muscles to develop well and strengthen.

I also knew that as my baby grows, the development of his body would not be as rapid as an infant, but his continuously growing physique would require a different mattress to cater to the next stage of development.

Unhappy with the choices I saw in the market, I studied this subject deeply and got various insights by studying the infant and child mattress market internationally.

I associated with Centuary to help me design a mattress that would be right for my child at each stage of development- and decided to share this solution with the many anxious mothers and fathers.

Thus, born was the BEDDY- your child’s sleep specialist- a mattress that combines 3 most important things:

  • International level research on baby mattresses, and high quality products recommended for babies and children
  • An experienced and trusted choice for mattress producer- Centuary with over 30 years of experience in the mattress industry
  • Love from a Mother
Shruti Malani
Co- founder, Beddy

High quality mattresses specially designed to suit the growing needs of infants and children